Step Wide Detail On How To Download Facetime Application


Video chatting with your dear ones is surely a treat and when the top company in the world comes with a scintillating product, the mirth of using the product actually doubles. The company is Apple who has gushed in the mob crippling every other tool with its new video and audio chatting tool Facetime.  But there has been a surge in the demand of this application by android and windows users also. But is it available for them? Here we look at how to Download Facetime app on these platforms.

Downloading on IOS

For apple users, the good thing is that the Facetime app doesn’t need to be downloaded on iPhone 5 and above models. It comes preinstalled in these iPhones and needs not to be downloaded. If you have purchased an iPhone and it doesn’t have the Facetime app, it means that your phones doesn’t has supported user camera and this is the reason why it isn’t preinstalled in your phone. Else, apple installs the app in advance in all of its iPhones models on and above 5.

Downloading on Android

A bit of disappointing news for android users but the bitter truth is that there isn`t any Facetime app for Android available for them. Moreover, there isn’t any news of it coming anytime soon. So the android users will have to settle with various alternatives of freetime app. Being an exclusive app, Freetime is built only for apple iPhones and apple has kept it in its own shelf till now.

There may be numerous claims or adds on internet of selling Facetime app for android, but believe it or not it`s all fake news and these claims made are totally false and crap. In fact, apple hasn’t released the Facetime version for android till now. So expecting any way out by any mean to get hold of Facetime is absolute folly. In fact android users can settle with other alternatives of Facetime like Skype, imo, viber, hangouts etc.

Downloading for Windows

The same news holds true for windows users. Smartphones users using windows as the operating system will have to settle with other alternatives of free time app and there isn’t anything such as Facetime application for windows users. In fact, if apple releases the android version, it may also release the version for windows too. This also implies that being a windows user, you won`t be able to chat with an IOS user on freetime app. A freetime user can only video chat with an iPhone or apple product user and not any other user.

However, it`s not the end, and there are other applications also that run on windows and android as well as on IOS. For instance Skype is a very popular software for video and audio chatting purposes and it is being used by users of all operating systems. This implies both for android and Skype users. In fact, Skype is even more popular than Facetime. So if not Facetime, you can switch to other alternatives to connect and chat with IOS users.


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